Discovering Stockholm, Sweden

For all of you travel bugs looking to explore something different from your usual vacation spot, traveling to Sweden and staying at its capital Stockholm could be an unforgettable and fun filled experience. To get there, a majority of travelers heading to Stockholm do so via airplane and they could choose between the 60 major airlines that service the route.

If you are coming from the U.S. and you want to take a direct and non-stop flight to Stockholm you could do so through Finnair via Boston. You would never run out of excellent hotels to get your accommodations from since there are around 165 of them in Stockholm alone so you could be rest assured that there is always something for everybody regardless of what their preferences and budget considerations are.

Stockholm is an easy city to get around and travelers can take pleasure in the different ways in which to see the city. Exploring the city center is always on the list of itineraries of travelers who are encouraged to do so on foot or on a bike. It is a great and convenient way that allows you to take the time to see the architectural marvels and historic landmarks along the way.

If the thought of sightseeing on foot or on a bike does not appeal to you, you could opt to take the public transportation system to get around the place. It is safe and is often used by tourists. If you are looking for the quickest way to travel in and around Stockholm, you would best take the subway which would save you a lot of time but, since it travels underground, you would lose the benefit of seeing the wonderful view around you.

Another alternative mode of transportation that I am sure you would like is renting a car or taking a taxi around the area which is by far the most convenient since you would not be restricted with schedules and timelines to follow. Interested in checking out Stockholm’s museums? Vasa, Millesgarden, Royal Armory and the Hallwyl are just some of the museums that you shouldn’t miss.

Who says that Stockholm is a boring city? Wait till you see what the Swedish nightlife has to offer. There are numerous bars and nightclubs in the area which would surely liven up your evening. One particular bar that might interest you is the Absolut Icebar where everything and I mean everything is made out of ice! Gondolen and Medusa are also cool spots to chill out at and just enjoy the Stockholm party atmosphere.

Dining out in Stockholm is an adventure of gastronomic proportions! There are more than 800 restaurants ready to serve you with authentic Swedish delicacies as well as a variety of international cuisines that would absolutely whet your appetite. Mathias Dahlgren, Matbaren, F12, Edsbacka Krog, Restaurang Lux are some of the finest restaurants that top the list.

It could get really cold in Stockholm most of the time but there are a lot of ways to keep you warm like going to a day spa. Relax and enjoy being pampered in the warmth of Stockholm’s top-notch day spas such as the Salt och Hav, Sturebadet, or Axelsons. You’d definitely love the experience!

Take the time to discover Stockholm. There is certainly more than meets the eye!